Upper Fremont at 43rd
    On the #5 bus line and short walk to E line

    4272 Fremont Ave North
    Seattle, WA 98103

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    FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) contains:
    ALCOHOL policies, permits, and info
    – INSURANCE assistance
    GREEN ABBEY sustainability & garbage policies
    PARKING secrets, etc. / MAP for guests
    HOTEL and nearby lodging Suggestions
    – And much more to make your event a beautiful success 


    EVENT PLAN documentation (required)

    Abbey EVENT PLAN documentation / timeline
    Catering / Self Catering Agreement
    Floor Plans
    Building Use & Rental Policies Addendum



    Additional PLANNING resources

    1. Planning timelines
    2. Event day timelines
    3. Download our Day of Schedule for a Wedding (Sample)
    1. Staffing/volunteer recommendations
    2. Nearby lodging Suggestions

    RSVP for a Tour

    If you just need to come by with your coordinator or a vendor to see the space and walk around that’s no problem at our normal tours. Tours are not to be used in place of your Event Planning Walkthrough which our staff will schedule with you once booked. Please note that staff are generally unable to answer event planning questions during tours.

    Room Dimensions

    We cannot guarantee exact capacity depending upon your table arrangement. Please ask your caterer for capacity information based on our room size and your intended usage.

    Great Hall

    • 2nd floor – 55′ long, 40′ wide + lobby entry & lounge room • ~2500 sq ft • ~150+ dinner with round tables • ~200+ dinner with banquet tables, up to 220 or more can fit if setup tightly • ~251 mixed seating & standing – theatre style chairs • 22′ Ceilings with beautiful box beams & 8 large stained glass windows • Lobby Lounge adjacent to entrance • Two Dressing Rooms Adjacent to east end of Hall • 12′ motorized projector screen & digital projector suspended from ceiling

    Abbey Gallery

    • 1st floor • ~1500 sq ft (40’x40′ including some storage area for stage/chairs) • 60-90 seated dinner • 150 theatre seating (folding chairs) • 235 max fire code for standing reception 220 with a mix of seated / standing room • Stage on South side (approx 12×12′, 18″ high) stage can be stacked out of the way if desired (staffing fee applies)

    Individual rooms sometimes available for rent…

    • Fireside Meeting Room (10-12 people) – 1st floor, adjacent to Kitchen • Medium Meeting Room (8-12) – 2nd floor • Kitchen – 1st floor (not all NSF yet) • Lobby (8-12) – 2nd floor • Typically there is a 2-3 hour minimum fee for meetings or small groups. Accessible ramps are provided for both 1st and 2nd floors and our restrooms are also wheelchair accessible.