Abbey Board of Directors – Abbey Arts Presents, Seattle (Fremont Abbey Arts Center)

    Upper Fremont at 43rd
    On the #5 bus line and short walk to E line

    4272 Fremont Ave North
    Seattle, WA 98103

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    The Abbey Arts board is the governing body responsible for upholding the organization’s nonprofit mission and values, and for ensuring continued success.  The board advises on long-range strategic planning and provides financial and policy oversight among other duties. Board members serve as volunteers and are not compensated.

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    Board of Directors

    • Karen Contreras, Board Chair (Ballard neighbor)
    • Cindy Dailey (Teacher)
    • Isaac Kaplan-Woolner (Travel With Rick Steves, KEXP, Fremont neighbor)
    • Alexa Sparks (Epiphany School)
    • Amy Sawyer (Bainbridge Art Museum, COTA Member)
    • Nate Harrison, Treasurer (Starbucks)


    Advisory Board

    • Deborah Ferguson, Chair (Former Board Chair for Abbey & Taproot Theatre)
    • Karen True (Alliance for Pioneer Square, Formerly at 3rd Place Commons)
    • Naomi Wachira (Professional Musician)
    • Heidi Lahart, (Past Board Chair, Fremont Neighbor)
    • Janine Logsdon (Ballard HS Teacher, Formerly at EMP & Seattle Art Museum)
    • Helen Nesbitt (Seattle Art Museum)
    • Amy Lindsay Richards (KEXP, Pair Music)
    • Christopher Palms (Architect)

    Interested in joining our advisory board? Contact us!


    Special thanks to our retired Board & Advisory Board Members!

    • Heidi Lahart, Interim Board Chair (Unify Consulting, Neighbor)
    • Liz Jarrard, Board Chair: Compass Housing Alliance
    • Devin Schweppe, Board Chair: Senior Fellow, University of Washington, Fremont neighbor
    • Janine Logsdon: Board Member, Ballard HS Teacher, Formerly at EMP & Seattle Art Museum
    • Ned Olson (Retired, Musician, COTA Member)
    • Erin O’Malley, Vice Chair: Fremont neighbor & Small Business Owner
    • Andria Green, Treasurer: CPA & STG Presents
    • David Traylor, Treasurer  Visual Artist, former board member at Seattle Tilth
    • Brent Holland – HS Art Teacher, Visual Artist
    • Kristen Winn (Chateau Ste. Michelle winery)
    • Sarah Murphy Jurado – Photographer, Artist Management
    • Karina Sprinkle – Visual Artist
    • Ethan Anderson – Greenlake Community Center
    • Erin Lynn (Entrepreneur)
    • Craig VanDenBosch – Fremont Resident, Visual Artist & Teacher, SAM
    • Jack Tomkinson – Urban Sparks, Peak Park
    • Bess Sorenson: Biostatistician
    • Karen Ward – Fremont Resident, Founder of Artwerks/Abbey nonprofit & Church Of The Apostles, 2002-2011Past Advisory Board members:
    • Victoria Ravenwood – formerly with Boys & Girls Clubs
    • John Booker (Fremont Rotary, Founding Mgr of Intiman Theatre)
    • Jon Myers – COTA
    • Julie Trout (BF Day School art teacher)
    • Toby Thaler (Fremont Neighborhood Council)
    • Jessica Vets (Fremont Chamber of Commerce, Director)
    • Kristen Winn (Chateau Ste. Michelle winery)
    • Steve Boyd (Consultant, MacDonald Boyd Associates)
    • Melissa Collett (KEXP, Starlight Foundation, etc.)
    • Mylinda Sneed (Fremont Arts Council)
    • Karen Finneyfrock (Published author & poet / literary arts teacher)
    • Nat Ayewah (Microsoft, Apostles Church member)
    • Sarah Murphy Jurado (Photographer, Artist Manager)