— Careers: Production Coordinator – Abbey Arts Presents, Seattle (Fremont Abbey Arts Center)

    Upper Fremont at 43rd
    On the #5 bus line and short walk to E line

    4272 Fremont Ave North
    Seattle, WA 98103

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    Production Coordinator

    This position is focused on overseeing, organizing and empowering the production preparations and daily operations of Abbey Arts Presents in Seattle WA for concerts & multi-art events we produce and/or manage. Centered in upper Fremont with venues in Ballard and Greenlake as well as partner venues in South Park, Central District, Capitol Hill, UDistrict and more.   

    This job description may have some corporate sounding language required by the forms.  We’re working to break the form though, break the formats, pushing into new and innovative events and even new ways to manage said events.  Sound interesting?  Read on… 


    – Note:  Please read over our other fun intro at www.fremontabbey.org/jobs before applying. – 


    The Abbey Arts Production Coordinator will team up with the Venues Manager and Director of Operations to lead production preparations and timely communications for concerts, rentals & multi-art events we produce or manage. Ensuring our venues, gear and event support systems are organized and good working order is also key to this position.

    In consultation with other staff, the Production Coordinator will work to improve overall systems to make things more efficient including building & equipment setup while supporting and learning about the history and unique approach that has enabled Abbey events to be so successful through the years.

    The person who fills this role needs a high attention to detail, ability to prioritize and complete tasks without a lot of management, great communication skills and a love of structure and consistency.

    Experience managing staff and volunteers is also important to be able to delegate and keep events moving along in a kind, welcoming and timely manner.

    Must have extensive experience with live events, managing events, and working with people in a complex fast paced and sometimes stressful environment (experience with basic sound systems is a plus). Must be assertive, outgoing, kind, polite and welcoming (usually all at the same time) and be able to take constructive feedback while on the job and improve systems and setup on the fly.

    This position will also likely include…

    – Contracting & Rider Review
    – Equipment inventory & tracking
    – Emailing
    – Expand Abbey Arts mission through curating or co-curating your own new and unusual music & arts events at our various venues around Seattle and beyond


    About Us

    Abbey Arts is a growing nonprofit based in Seattle, WA since 2005.  We survived and adapted through the pandemic and are re-emerging in a new form with new programs in 2023-24. We are now working in over 10 locations around the PNW.  Before applying we recommend you read about us online and if possible stop by the Abbey to experience a concert or event in real life. This may help you better understand the organizational style and what we are about. 

    We are not your typical arts nonprofit. We’re a “lean & limber” music & arts venue operating in more of a small business style so working here will not likely be equivalent to larger nonprofits or corporations.

    Abbey Arts is looking for people with positive energy and a strong worth ethic to help make the world a more creative & connected place. No “grind culture” here please.  Sustainable workflow and enjoying the work is important to us. So is jumping in once in a while to help wrap up with the team after a big show.  

    Required skills and qualifications

    • Masterful organizational, communication, and leadership skills.
    • Proven ability to plan and manage complex projects on limited budget
    • Reliable Transportation
    • Helpful (but not required) to have professional level sound & lighting – willingness to work with materials on nonprofit budget

    Other important experience & skills that all Abbey team members need:

    • Growth Mindset
    • Attention to detail; professional, friendly & assertive communication style; quick on your feet; good visual memory
    • Good at on the spot problem solving with a limited budget
    • Strong work ethic
    • Attention to detail (yes, we said this twice!) 
    • Enjoys working with people
    • “Can do” personality
    • Strong problem solving skills (no, really!)
    • Thinking quickly on your feet
    • Love gaf tape!  (But also want to make lasting improvements) 
    • Ability to Fix-it
    • Desire to create beautiful events
    • Desire to support the community behind the scenes

    Abbey Staff have the opportunity to contribute to and/or lead select creative projects such as curating a show, helping design a poster or ad, contributing to program development, managing arts & music events, etc.

    Most positions here require typing speeds of at least 60wpm, good skill with Google docs – sheets & docs, ability to lift objects such as chairs/tables, setup event spaces, help with building reset, say hi to puppies, take sunshine breaks, enjoy live music & art, etc.  A couple of our jobs may not require lifting.

    Read our Respect Policy.  Abbey Arts is an equal opportunity employer.  


    • Health insurance stipend
    • Flexible Work Schedule
    • Monthly wellness program for massage, yoga, floats, etc
    • Free Tickets for Abbey Arts Concerts and other Seattle Venues (as available)
    • Use of Abbey space for your own off-peak bookings, classes, rehearsals/etc.
    • Free entry in most Abbey classes and workshops (as space allows)
    • Staff vitamins, tea, coffee & snacks
    • Simple meal supplies provided + occasional lunches & other food from events

    16-30 hrs/week  (with events)
    Salary: $21-24/hr DOE