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    Upper Fremont at 43rd
    On the #5 bus line and short walk to E line

    4272 Fremont Ave North
    Seattle, WA 98103

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    “The Abbey is my favorite venue in the whole world. Everything you do is magic.”

    Mary Lambert, of Macklemore’s Same Love fame


    Why I support and serve the Fremont Abbey Arts Center

    The music drew me in — intimate, collaborative, entertaining and even challenging evenings of music, poetry and art.

    The heart of the people working there caught my attention—people who care deeply about creativity and about people who need that in their lives and who serve the community through hard work, both paid and unpaid.

    The uniqueness of the mission inspires me—offering this lovely old building as a community resource where creativity is nurtured for people of all ages, abilities and incomes. The realization that if it were gone my community would be the poorer, keeps me working hard to preserve it.

    Deborah Ferguson, FAAC Board Chair


    There are a million rocknroll clubs, blacked out walls scribbled with scandalous lore, overpriced drinks, bad sound and the overall feeling that the owner walked away from the building in 1987 and the only reason you’re their is they forgot to let the staff know. I play these rooms a lot and have no problem with ’em. But when it comes to making something more than a Wednesday night drunk show, when it comes to making an event, the Abbey has it nailed. You’re not playing to an audience here. You’re playing to your friends. There’s no room for ego or rhinestones, there is just room for a beautiful experience. Whether you’re there to see it, or there to give it. Its nice to be somewhere that cares.

    – James Apollo, musician/artist


    I recently volunteered at Fremont Abbey’s ArtCycle Program for the first time. Although eager to help, I was admittedly a bit skeptical that teenaged kids would willingly participate and enjoy spending time doing this type of activity. However, I was pleasantly surprised when observing the intrigued and excited expressions on the kids’ faces as we explained the project we would be completing that day. We were going to create a spherical art piece constructed all from recycled materials that they could give as a gift to their mom for the upcoming mothers’ day.

    Initially, some children became slightly frustrated and disinterested when they couldn’t get it just right. We encouraged them not to give up and proposed they approach the project in a different way. We would suggest to them to try a different technique. First we would demonstrate it to them and then help them try that same way. We continuously reminded them that there was no “wrong way” to approach their art and everyone’s creativity works differently. Eventually, every kid got excited about their special projects and took pride in what they were building.

    The most rewarding part of volunteering through Fremont Abbey’s ArtCyle Program was
    watching kids get excited about making unique pieces of art. Just like the kids felt accomplished by completing their masterpieces, I felt accomplished by perhaps making their day a little brighter by assisting them with their creations. The Fremont Abbey’s ArtCycle Program is positively changing the Seattle Community through sparking kids’ creativity and actively engaging them to realize their wonderful artistic capability. I thoroughly enjoyed my time and highly encourage others to volunteer through Fremont Abbey’s ArtCycle Program if they are looking for a rewarding experience.

    Gina Froelich

    Why I support and serve the Fremont Abbey Arts Center

    I started volunteering in a transitional part of my life. I met some amazing people while volunteering and I fell in love. I met amazing people and I was introduced to an art scene that I never knew existed. I threw myself into renovations and an environment that was unlike any I had ever known. I am proud to be a part of the Abbey Arts. I walk through the building and see doors I have painted and floors I have stained and it feels like home. I am overwhelmed with love and pride when I I walk through the Abbey. I am so thankful that I am on the Board of Director’s and I do not take it for granted. I am amazed at what we contribute to Seattle and am very proud of what we have accomplished.

    Cindy Dailey, FAAC secretary 


    Things I like about Fremont Abbey: Vintage charm, Supports arts & creativity, Location, Multi-use options, Had a favorite memory there already, Because it’s a nonprofit arts center, Having 2 floors for ceremony/reception, Our church doesn’t have a building, and we liked the idea of getting married somewhere that still feels like a church.

    Ali Dahmer, held wedding at Abbey


    I have volunteered at the Abbey a handful of times but one time that specifically stood out was the sustainable wedding fair in January 2012. Although I’m nowhere near getting married, I really enjoyed each vendor and their sustainable products. This fair proved that people are trying to incorporate sustainability into their lives, as personal as a wedding. This was a very unique fair and I felt honored to be a part of something with such diverse people who truly care about our environment… And did I mention they are ridiculously creative???

    Erin o’Rorke


    The Fremont Abbey is truly a unique and valuable cultural center for all of Seattle’s citizens.  I was especially impressed with how welcoming the staff of the Abbey was for the recent Brazilian Rhythms class that Path with Art brought to the beautiful Cafe space.  All of our students were honored by the warm welcome and gracious hospitality extended to our group by the folks at the Abbey.  As a fellow nonprofit administrator, I really appreciate the staff’s helpful, flexible, and enthusiastic attitudes towards making our creative experience at the Abbey the best that it could be.  Thanks Fremont Abbey!

    – Adam Doody, Program Coordinator, Path with Art


    Greetings Friends!

    I grew up in a family that told stories every time there was a family gathering. I heard about the time my dad almost burned down a silo on the farm he grew up on. Or about family road trips and how they NEVER got to stop for food or restroom breaks. Or the time my grandfather nearly drowned saving a family stuck on a dam on Christmas Eve. These stories shaped me, how I understood my family, and who I would become.

    Stories work like that. Everyone has these kinds of stories. And every place has thousands of stories attached to it. They shape that place, how people experience it, and what it becomes. The Fremont Abbey is no different, and we’d love to hear your story in relationship with Fremont Abbey! Whether it’s a simple quote, a short paragraph, or a more lengthy tale, we invite you to send in your “Abbey stories.” It could be a story of an event you attended and had a unique and special experience, or a class you attended and learned something new, or a time you volunteered and felt good about contributing to your community, or any number of things! By sharing your story, you’ll help shape the Fremont Abbey, inviting our community to understand what this place means to others, what happens here, and help shape how the Abbey grows in the future.

    So, what’s your Abbey story? We can’t wait to hear!


    Justin Harvey, former Operations Manager

    p.s. we’d love photos to attach to your story if you have them! or just fun photos of your experience at the Abbey in general. Email them to arts(at)