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    Now accepting applications for the role of Volunteer Coordinator!

    For the past year, Rachel Hain has been our wonderful (volunteer) Volunteer Coordinator, helping to update shifts, answer questions, and implement ideas to make our volunteer program more successful. Rachel has moved to Missouri, and will be missed, but we’re excited to bring someone new to the team.

    This is a low time commitment of 1-2 hours every week
    Works in collaboration with Logistics Manager and Director of Operations

    TO APPLY For questions, or to apply, email volunteer@fremontabbey.org
    with a cover letter of interest. 


    Our Volunteer leads have extensive experience working with the Abbey Arts team and venues. Each of them have worked to enrich and support the mission of Abbey Arts in their own unique and valuable way and work 1-2 events each month to welcome in and orient new volunteers during Abbey Arts events. 



    Why you volunteer with Abbey Arts: I like to see live music and meet new people. It’s a chill atmosphere.

    Favorite memory from an Abbey Arts show: I don’t have a favorite memory but I love going to all of the Rounds because it’s cool to see all of the different musicians playing together.

    Tell us about yourself: I like hanging out with my cat Jude Law, playing Pandemic and watching Forensic Files. I also love pizza and sneakers.

    Ask me: to tell you a joke. Follow my cat Jude Law’s instagram @judelawthecat






    Why do you volunteer for Abbey Arts?   I first started volunteering at the Abbey when I moved to the Fremont neighborhood in 2016. I wanted to get involved in a local non-profit and I am very passionate about music. I have really enjoyed all of my volunteer shifts and the people I have met through the Abbey. I continue to volunteer because the experience is really rewarding and I get to attend so many great events every month!

    Favorite memory from an Abbey Arts show?  There was an unplugged show at the beginning of this year with some of my favorite local artists. It was such a special night and the whole energy in the room was really magical.

    Tell us about yourself  I’m a Seattle transplant who is enjoying every minute of living here. I work for a small software company but in my free time you can find me hiking, checking out a local brewery or relaxing at Golden Gardens.

    Ask me about:  Where to find the best pizza in Seattle.



    Why do you volunteer for Abbey Arts? My first show at the Abbey I fell in love with the venue and how appreciative of the experience everyone there was. Sitting there, listening to the music, I could tell that everyone who was a part of the experience truly wanted to be there, and was passionate about supporting small/ local musicians. As someone who is passionate about music I felt that I had to a part of this wonderful organization, and so I decided to volunteer. I continue to volunteer not only for these reasons, but also for the amazing community of art-lovers that I have met through Abbey Arts, both volunteers/ staff members and attendees alike.

    Favorite memory from an Abbey Arts show? The first show that I volunteered at was “indie-soul” singer-songwriter AHI. It was in the basement of the Abbey, and I had a great view from where I was running doors. Towards the end of the set he performed his song “Goldenous.” Before he began he taught everyone how to sing the second half of the chorus, and in a moment of collective intimacy we all sang the “ohs” together. People got up and started dancing together, and it couldn’t have been a better introduction into volunteering at the Abbey for me.

    Tell us about yourself I have lived in Seattle almost all of my life, and have fully embraced the pacific-northwest lifestyle. I love hiking, cross-country skiing, and the rain. Music is a passion of mine, and most of my free time not spent outside is used to play and compose music using some kind of instrument or another. I’ve amassed a menagerie of instruments, about 75% of which I know how to play. I also love reading, walking my dog, and baking bread.

    Ask me about: The best place to cross-country ski, what dog park to take a shy doodle to, and how to find score free instruments on craigslist



    Why do you volunteer with Abbey Arts? I had been to a few shows at the Abbey and was always appreciative of the kindness extended by the artists, staff, and volunteers. After a Moth event someone made a request for attendees to consider volunteering their time with the Abbey and I decided to give it a shot. Volunteering here has been a wonderful way to discover new artists, meet some incredible people at the Abbey, and give back all at the same time. I love volunteering because it helps me remain connected to this fantastic Seattle community, and I’m glad to be in a position where I have the extra time to give.

    Favorite memory from an Abbey Arts show? There is a group called Lowland Hum who are a husband/wife duo I heard perform for the first time upstairs at the Abbey. They have a quiet indie-folk style and a uniquely sincere sound. The two have an infectious chemistry that helped build an atmosphere that felt very familiar making it seem like we were listening to old friends perform just for us. Shows here always feel pretty special and intimate but I felt especially fortunate to be part of this one. 

    Tell us about yourself. I was born and raised in South Florida about an hour north of Miami as the youngest of 6 children. Growing up I kept pretty busy with either sports or music — playing competitive soccer and baseball, and practicing classical violin and piano as well as dabbling in a few others. I went to college in St. Louis before accepting a job offer in Seattle where I’ve lived for the past 4 years! I’m currently a master’s candidate at UW for a master’s degree in computer science and when I’m not working or studying, you can find me playing soccer, checking out new restaurants, or preparing for the next The Office trivia night!

    Ask me about: Where to chow down on some authentic Jamaican food in Seattle, best places for pickup soccer, and how I got lost backpacking through the English countryside and ended up bunking with a group of elderly cross-country (literally) cyclists!



    Why do you volunteer with Abbey Arts? I attended a show at the Fremont Abbey and loved the vibe. I like to support the arts, and I figured volunteering at the Abbey would be a good way to do so! Finally, I also like the variety of shows that the Abbey offers.

    Favorite memory from an Abbey Arts show? The Antlers show. I had never seen them live, and I thought it was an incredibly unique experience to attend their 10 year anniversary show.

    Tell us about yourself. I was born in India and lived there for about 8 years before moving to the States. Growing up I didn’t get a chance to attend a lot of concerts, so I guess I am making up for lost time now. I went to college in New Jersey, and then moved out to Seattle. I’ve been here for 10 months now. In my free time I enjoy running, reading, and learning how to dance.

    Ask me about: Fad diets and ice cream. Those two don’t go together, at least as far I know. For some reason I enjoy reading about fad diets, like eating once a day. I think Frankie & Jo’s is the best ice cream in Seattle, but that verdict is likely to change.



    Why do you volunteer with Abbey Arts? I have always loved the Abbey Arts Community ever since I started attending the Open Arts Mic in 2015, and I’ve been so grateful for the opportunity and ability to get more involved as a volunteer. I enjoy being able to be a part of the “behind the scenes” aspects of putting on an Abbey show or event, and have gotten to know some truly lovely people among my fellow volunteers and performers. As a musician, I also value the chance to learn a bit more about what goes into putting on a show and am always bugging the sound engineers picking up little pieces of knowledge when I can. 

    Favorite memory from an Abbey Arts show? One of the first events I volunteered at starred the incredibly talented violinist Gaelynn Lea who I have been a fan of for some years. As soon as I walked in the doors to set up, she came right up to me and asked me for assistance. I was so starstruck I couldn’t even speak, and I’m sure my face turned beet red! Despite my embarrassing “fangirl” moment, I was so excited to have the chance to meet such a talented woman who I greatly admire. 

    Tell us about yourself. I currently live about a block from the beach in West Seattle and definitely find my happy place when I’m near the water. Me and my trusty 80lb dog Trini find ourselves on long walks and hikes often, and I spend much of my free time experimenting with new recipes and playing video games. This year I started songwriting in earnest for the first time, and have been accompanying myself on guitar, bass, ukulele, and the occasional mandolin or kazoo. I’m enjoying exploring the open mics around Seattle, and find a great deal of inspiration from playing acoustically in some of my favorite parks.

    Ask me about: The best hammock spots and parks around Seattle, or what native plants might make a good pillow stuffing or toiler paper (as an amateur botanist, these are things I must know). 


    Kirinne Slaughter 

    Why do you volunteer for Abbey Arts? Music has always been a big part of my life and it is so much fun to get to experience different kinds of music at the Abbey! I love being able to give back to local artists and the community by helping out during events. Being a recent transplant to Seattle, the Abbey is a great place to meet new and friendly people! 

    Favorite Memory from an Abbey Arts show? One of my favorite memories so far was the James Acaster show. It was such a unique experience to be able to see two shows from the same comedian. We got to see how his (hilarious) material changed from set to set, and how the different crowds made for two very different experiences! It was a great behind the scenes look at stand-up comedy! 

    Tell us about yourself: ​I recently moved to Seattle from St. Louis! I love the ocean, and moved here to be closer to it. I currently work at the Woodland Park Zoo, right up the street from the Abbey!

    Ask me: About ocean animals and plants! 



    Carissa Pawell







    Robert Bottomley

    Why do you volunteer with Abbey Arts? I went to see a show at St Marks Cathedral and saw signs for volunteer opportunities at the Abbey! I loved the space and the show and got great vibes from all the staff so I signed up and it has been magic ever since! The “behind the scenes” perspective and the people are what make the Abbey particularly special. Thanks Fremont Abbey!

    Favorite memory from an Abbey Arts show? I worked The Westerlies show in Fremont on short notice having not heard their music before and was treated to a special soundcheck where Haley Heynderickx happened to be teaching the band a few of her songs for an impromptu show. Apparently, the Westerlies were huge fans of Haley and vice versus and it all aligned for a one of a kind concert that felt very special to be witnessing.

    Tell us about yourself. I am from New York state but lived in Boston for 10+ years where I got very close to local music scene. Here I do all the classic Seattle outdoor activities and have a special love for the skateparks sprinkled throughout the pacific northwest.

    Ask me about: Skateparks, bikes, dim sum, and new favorite bands! 



    Our volunteer supers have been with us for many months and/or years. They know our spaces and mission well and help orient new volunteers whenever they are supporting an event. 



    Volunteer, meet our team, and get to know our venues. If you want to be a part of what makes the community-building, welcoming magic happen, please send an email to volunteer@fremontabbey.org to request an upgrade to a leadership position. 


    Thanks to our past Volunteer Leads who’ve moved to other states and/or adventures…


    Why I volunteer with Abbey Arts: When I first started volunteering, it was mainly out of curiosity. I lived near the Fremont Abbey and loved The Moth podcast, so I thought I’d check it out. I kept coming again and again because of the people. It’s really beautiful how much the staff is committed to the arts and to giving everyone who walks in the door a great experience. 

    Favorite Memory: Right before her Mayoral run, I got to hear Nikkita Oliver recite her poetry at one of my favorite Abbey shows, The Round. She spoke with such honesty and beauty, I was blown away. And when I heard she was running for mayor, I felt a sense of pride having heard her that night. 

    Bio: A PR flack turned aspiring psychotherapist, I’ve lived a couple of lives already in twenties. I’m a master’s candidate at The Seattle School of Theology and Psyschology pursuing a master’s in counseling psychology. When I’m not at school, you can find me greeting your table at various Ethan Stowell Restaurants about town, at the Woodland Park dog park with my blue heeler, Lola, or having a drink with friends. 

    Ask me about: Kentucky! I grew up on horse racing, bourbon and hating on Indiana. 



    Abbey Arts Volunteer Coordinator

    Why I volunteer at Abbey Arts: To be part of a supportive community that creates opportunities for emerging artists. Now more than ever I believe a community like Abbey Arts is important and I am proud to be but a small part of making that happen.

    More about me: I’m originally from Kansas City, MO but have always wanted to live in the Pacific Northwest. After graduating from college, I moved to Seattle to make that dream a reality. I love going to shows, drinking coffee, collecting plants, volunteering, and exploring my new home.

    Favorite memory: Seeing Joseph live at The Abbey, they’re a favorite of mine. That was one of my first shows with Abbey Arts too! I also love every Round – each one is unique!

    Ask me about: Where to buy plants in Seattle and about what life is like in the Midwest.


    Why do you volunteer for Abbey Arts? Fostering creative expression is a passion of mine, so when I discovered Abbey Arts, it was a perfect match!  After attending a few events, my eyes were opened to the amazing and vital work that happens here.  Volunteering for me is partially selfish—the Abbey Arts community is AMAZING, plus I get to see shows for free!  But it’s also about supporting the career of artists and making these cultural experiences available to as many people as we can.  As I’ve witnessed firsthand, there is absolutely nothing like the creative events we host for connection and bringing people together.  As said best by Michael Franti, “Music has this way of reaching across cultural lines, national lines, the lines of religion or language… It can reach into people’s hearts and create awakening.”

    Favorite memory from an Abbey Arts show? The Round continues to be my favorite event!!  The spontaneous synergy between visual, literary and musical artists is incredible to witness… and as a volunteer, I feel like I get to be a part of the magic that’s created!

    Tell us about yourself: Moving from North Carolina to Seattle 15 years ago was probably the best thing that’s ever happened to me!  I love living here and you will find me enjoying local parks and trails with my boston terrier or meandering through the aisles of a bookstore… when I’m not following my other passion—travel.  Music has also always been an important part of my life, a language of sorts, so in order to be the fullest and best version of myself, I desperately need to be singing and playing the piano.

    Ask me about: things that Alexa can’t answer, current celestial events, and my next travel adventure