Upper Fremont at 43rd
    On the #5 bus line and short walk to E line

    4272 Fremont Ave North
    Seattle, WA 98103

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    Abbey Arts loves hearing from new musicians & artists, but we have some guidelines to save you and us time/energy.  For all new bookings, please read the page below before you send a booking request.   If you’re looking to rent the space, click on Rent above.

    Don’t forget – we have a monthly Open Arts Mic and that’s a great way to get to know the community. We occasionally draw from top performers at the Open mic to book them on full concerts or The Round.

    Also check out the NEXT STAGE program for young artists 18-24.


    NOTE FOR BANDS (Please Read Before Contacting Us)

    We are not set up like a typical venue with regular shows every night. We’re a small nonprofit and our shows are all-ages so things work a little differently. We seek out many developing artists to perform with established bands at The Round and other concerts and events that we curate and produce. We are generally not able to keep up with email inquiries regarding booking with the same rapidity that other for-profit venues might be able to afford.

    If you are an established act and can help put together a strong lineup (100+ people with $8-12 ticket on Tuesday or Thursday usually), feel free to present your ideas! Bands share in the promotions, too, so be prepared to work hard. To book a weekend here, it would likely have to be off-peak season (Jan-March/July) or an established lineup with a proven draw of 150+ people with an $8-15 unless we have a night still open within 2 months.

    Keep in mind that we’re not a loud rock venue and the 10pm Noise Ordinance (and our room acoustics) restricts full bands from playing loud drums/guitar/bass/etc. Generally speaking, acoustic or mellow-ish bands fit well here at the Abbey anyway due to the live acoustics of each room.

    Note: Most shows under 70 presale (day before) will be downstairs in the Gallery space, larger shows in the Great Hall upstairs at the Abbey staff discretion.

    – NEW BOOKINGS (first time at Abbey)

    please read the BOOKING REQUEST page for more information and email formats and then email us accordingly.  This will help all of us save time & energy for what we love most – music, arts and community.



    or returning artists can email booking(at)fremontabbey.org, please include band name and intended date in subject line as well as the email body.  As usual, include recent show history, draw, lineup suggestions, etc.



    If you are a young, up & coming artist (13-24), you can apply to open up for The Round – a monthly event held at Fremont Abbey.  You would play 1-2 original songs before the show.  Please send an email to booking(at)fremontabbey.org. MAKE SURE to put “THEROUND” (all caps) as one word in your subject line and include a link to your best song (video of live performance preferred).  If looking to perform in the main Round event, follow the normal booking protocol above.