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    Full Time Careers & Part Time Events Work


    For all positions, please send a simple resume and cover letter (or email introduction) to
     jobs (at)  no spaces with “ABBEYJOB” in the subject line, all one word.

    For best results, please read below before applying.


    Open Positions: Updated 5/28/24


    Ongoing / Career:

    Technical Manager / Coordinator
    (Sound, AV, events, venue builds, potential for full time with events)

    Fundraising & Marketing Manager / Coordinator
    (Promoting events, Fundraising, Membership, Grants, potential for full time with events)

    Production Coordinator
    (Event Planning, Venue prep, Events)

    Bar Manager

    Marketing Assistant

    Booking Assistant


    Events Work:

    House Manager (Event Host)

    Sound Tech (A1 Experience, Sound & Lighting)




    Hello!  Thanks for checking out the wild and wonderful jobs & career page at Abbey Arts.

    We are real life humans here typing into machines, but more importantly we are a growing nonprofit based in Seattle, WA. We care deeply about the human experience, and that includes sustainable ethical work!  This isn’t a corporate desk job that’s for sure.

    Before applying we recommend you read our About Pages (Mission / Events) and if able stop by the Abbey to experience a concert or event in real life (guest list is often available). This may help you better understand the organizational style and what we’re about.

    Abbey Arts is looking for people with positive energy, strong worth ethic, growth mindset and eagerness to learn new skills while practicing empathy and care.  We all work together here as a team and our focus is helping make the world a more creative, healthy & connected place… including our team.  Having fun, clearing stress and finding a sustainable work flow is part of the journey here too.


    To thrive & grow a long term career with Abbey Arts, applicants would ideally love to
    – learn while doing (growth mindset)
    – tackle creative challenges
    – be independent and love to create
    – actively grow your own job & programs within the organization
    (and receive corresponding pay & benefits/perks increases)
    – think creatively & solve problems with limited resources
    – bring whole self aware and emotionally intelligent selves to work
    – and of course increase access to help people of all ages and incomes experience music and the arts in a truly welcoming setting

    Abbey Staff have the opportunity to contribute to and/or lead select creative projects such as curating a show, helping design a poster or ad, contributing to program development, managing arts & music events, etc.

    Most positions here require typing speeds of at least 60wpm, good skill with Google docs – sheets & docs, ability to lift objects such as chairs/tables, setup event spaces, help with building reset, say hi to puppies, take sunshine breaks, enjoy live music & art, etc.  A couple of our jobs may not require lifting.



    Read our Respect Policy.  Abbey Arts is an equal opportunity employer.  

    NOTE: Due to the volume of inquiries we cannot reply to everyone but we do sincerely appreciate you taking the time to apply.  If you are unsure if your resume got through via email please feel free to resend and maybe try changing the subject line a bit. 




    If position is not shown below, simply email your resume and cover letter (see top of page)



    Professional level Live sound audio engineers for events in our various venues around Seattle

    Must be of sufficient experience level to mix live for a band or acoustic group (solo to 5-6pc bands), usually with opening acts and fast 5-10 min changeovers between sets.  Rarely are string sections or larger bands involved.

    16-24 channels typically on Midas M32 digital w ipad (large shows), or Allen & Heath 16ch analog (small shows).

    Includes setup & testing of PA & lighting in most of our locations.

    Sound check times vary but approx 30-60 min per band so must be able to keep things moving.

    Concert spaces are typically very live acoustically and need full EQ each show. Tech must also be able to work nicely with artists & staff, keep sound checks on time, and problem solve quickly on the fly. Basic lighting work and other event support may be involved as well.  May need vehicle depending on event location.  All PA equipment typically provided.

    $25-30/hr depending on experience level, event complexity/location, etc.  Eligible for Quarterly Tip pool share.


    Similar to above but with less experience expected.
    Solo/duo shows, acoustic, analog, simpler.

    Still requires good customer service (with artists primarily) and familiar with Allen & Heath 16ch mixer, mics, etc.

    $20-25/hr depending on experience level, event complexity/location, etc. Eligible for Quarterly Tip pool share.



    For select events including weekends, $20/hr to start during training, $21-25/hr, plus tips share.

    Looking for people who can commit to 4-15 events each month, depending on the season. Other Abbey perks apply. Great opportunity to grow into more advanced position (Minimum commitment is 6 months) and can become Full Time.

    Ideal applicant traits:

    • Strong work ethic
    • Attention to detail
    • Good customer service with attendees, artists, etc
    • “Can do” personality
    • Strong problem solving skills
    • Quick thinking on your feet
    • Enjoy working with people
    • Love gaf tape!
    • Ability to Fix-it
    • Desire to create beautiful events
    • Desire to support the community behind the scenes

    Duties include:

    • Managing events: weddings, nonprofit benefit events, concerts, parties and others both at Fremont Abbey and our partner venues in NW Ballard, South Park, U-District, Greenlake and N Capitol Hill.
    • Usually 6-10 hour shifts, scheduled out 3-8 weeks in advance
    • Potential for approx 2-16 events per month depending on training & events schedule
    • Typical shifts are 4p-Midnight, some later or earlier
    • Smart phone required
    • Reliable transportation recommended

    Further Details:  House Managers at Abbey Arts typically get to do lots of hands on work with setup (such as tables & chairs), not just coordinating volunteers/caterers/clients.  Experience managing volunteers and other assistants is key to be able to delegate in an efficient manner and keep the event moving along in a timely manner.

    Must have experience managing events, working with people in a complex fast paced and sometimes stressful environment.  Must be assertive, outgoing, kind, polite and welcoming usually all at the same time. Must be able to take constructive feedback while on the job and improve systems and setup on the fly.

    Often the job becomes a mix of managing artists/clients, attendees, and equipment in a specific but often changing timeline.  Some events will have “down time” in which House Managers will do other projects around the building while checking in on the event occasionally.  Taking the opportunity to relax and enjoy the music/art for a bit is always encouraged during house manager shifts.

    Other important experience & skills:

    Attention to detail; professional, friendly & assertive communication style; quick on your feet; good visual memory; reliable; able to multi-task efficiently; heavy lifting typically required (tables, chairs, equipment) up to 50 pounds.

    Good at on the spot problem solving with a limited budget.

    Must know what “clean” means. This job does involve some cleanup up after events, sometimes with assistance and sometimes without. It isn’t an ‘easy’ job, but it is a fantastic one!

    For sustainability and employee health, we do not typically allow staff to work another morning job and then work at the Abbey for a late shift.

    Technical knowledge very helpful — simple sound, projector, lights, computer skills, etc.

    Typically a PT position but can expand to FT.  Position does include Abbey Perks.

    • Abbey Perks include health & wellness stipends for massage/etc. (credits build depending on how many hours worked), organic local veggies, healthy lunches & snacks, unlimited Vitamin D/C/B, good tea & coffee, fantastic catering & leftovers, use of the Abbey & Homestead for personal events or rehearsals, free entry into most classes & workshops, free tickets to select events including Paramount Theatre, Triple Door, Tractor, Crocodile, Showbox, Neptune and more music venues.


    Ongoing. $Min wage + tips share (typically $20-25/hr)

    Growth potential after 5 events

    Good with people, friendly, etc. as per normal bartender roles.  Must be able to handle fast paced environment as most events have intermission with a rush of people all at once.

    Setup & cleanup also involved in this job. Heavy lifting required, at least 50 pounds.  Efficient and fast operation, ability to work on your own as needed.  MAST Permit required. Most bartender shifts are approx 5 or 6p start to around midnight. Some offsite events require a vehicle.


    ($20-24/hr DOE, usually 4-8 hour shifts)
    Events are typically on Friday or Saturday nights, sometimes til 1am or 2am. Work includes light security duties, managing crowds, cleaning, bussing, reset, moving tables, sweep/mop, etc. Must be good with people and friendly but assertive and able to keep people inside, following appropriate rules, etc. Tech experience helpful (sound/video). Must know how to work hard, move quickly, clean well, and lift heavy objects like old 8′ metal tables at least 50 pounds.




    The positions below are for State Work Study funded students.
      $Min wage up to $20/hr depending on experience & position

    *Students must qualify for WA State Work Study or be interested in an unpaid internship with supervision for credit.  10 hours per week minimum, typically 12-19 hours per week during the school year and up to 35 hours per week in summer.

    Some prior work experience required.  Generally suitable for Sophomore-Senior level students or grad students, some exceptions may apply for exceptional applicants.

    Unpaid Internships – On some occasions with exceptional applicants we can offer non-work study unpaid internships (typically for school credit).

    Digital Strategist

    Film & edit live shows, develop promo videos, shoot takeaway shows, etc.  Edit audio from live performances such as The Round, iTunes podcast editing & publishing, bandcamp audio, etc.  Publish & promote media and videos to promote the arts & community events.

    Graphic Design

    Create posters, flyers, and other designs for concerts and events to be used in print & web.   Experience with Adobe InDesign, Photoshop, Illustrator, etc. preferred (at least proficient in one).  Understanding of marketing and design concepts helpful. Attention to detail, proof read, etc. very important. 

    Production Assistant (currently filled)

     Sound tech setup & operation for concerts and events. Assist sound & lighting techs with live events. Learn from professional technicians.
    Intern also may work on creating and promoting video and audio media while helping to grow the reputation of quality eye opening arts experiences for all ages & incomes in King County. May include podcast, live concert video shooting & editing, promotional videos, and more. 

    PR & Marketing Assistant

    To assist Public Relations/Marketing Director and Abbey staff in telling Seattle and the world about amazing concerts, creative arts events, education & community programs.  Good writing skills and attention to detail are a major requirement.  Experience with technology tools, marketing, social media, and creative promotions very helpful.  Attention to detail and fast typing skills are critical for this job which involves proof reading and sending Press Releases to media outlets, updating event listings, website, etc.  PR Assistant works alongside graphic design & media interns.  WORK STUDY ONLY 


    working with event staff and volunteers to ensure a welcoming and successful experience for all attendees. Includes setup, volunteer management, box office, artist hospitality, some tech, lighting, cleaning, reset, moving tables, etc. May also include video/camera work depending on experience.

    – Training and hands on experience in every aspect of event setup
    – Potential to house manage concerts and nonprofit events
    – Organize and improve event processes, setup etc.
    – Learn how to manage volunteers during an event
    – Experience and learn how to work in a fast paced, professional, creative environment

    Work with Production Manager to support projects, work with Abbey Director or Lead Sound Techs on specific projects or events, managed by Operations Manager.

    Booking Assistant

    Assist with booking concerts & arts events.  Paid internship with room to grow.  WORK STUDY ONLY

    WA State Work Study only please. Unpaid internships may exist (must be eligible for school credit) as well if you don’t qualify for Work Study.



    The Abbey is an equal opportunity employer and we ask that you read our About page including the respect policy. 

    Some jobs do involve heavy lifting and other physical requirements.

    Fremont Abbey is ADA on both levels and has automatic doors only on the 2nd level.

    Abbey Arts follows all WA state employment law practices and rates posted on this website may not reflect current pay rates which adjust year to year depending on current minimum wage and policies.