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    Music. Video. Recording.


    Need that song recorded? Need that video to promote yourself?

    Abbey Arts is opening a call for young, local, talented musicians who want to record their original music in our reverb-washed performance hall.

    We are offering a FREE opportunity to record with our pro-level sound equipment for artists in need between the ages of 18 and 24! Abbey audio and media staff will assist in the recording projects. Younger artists may also apply with a parent or guardian.

    This new program is part of an expansion of our Arts Connect Program which offers free concert tickets to nonprofits, low income families, veterans, and law enforcement. As part of our mission to reduce the barriers to arts experiences, we want to include video and audio recording sessions to feature local talent and help support their creative careers.


    Artist Requirements:

    • original music only
    • acoustic feel (no rock bands at this point please!)

    The Abbey or Homestead are also available to rent out for audio or video projects. The Abbey has been featured in films by directors like Lynn Shelton, and recording or video shoots with artists like Allen Stone, and Kris Orlowski.
    See www.fremontabbey.org/sessions for more information.

    (Pictured: Cody Kilpatrick, songwriter)


    Equipment use made possible in part by grants from 4culture:

    •  X32 32ch Digital Mixing Console/Audio Interface
      • 32 Midas preamps
      • Digital recording interface integrates with most DAW’s
    • (2) Audio Technica AT2020 Large Condenser microphone
    • (2) Audio Technica AT2021 Small Condenser
    • (5) Shure SM58 dynamic microphones
    • (3) Shure SM57 dynamic microphones
    • (3) Shure PGA57 dynamic microphones w/drum mounts
    • (3) Sennheiser 835 dynamic microphones
    • (5) Assorted DI boxes
    • Assorted rugs
    • (4) Large Sound-proof Panels
    • Boom Mic Stands and Cables included
    • Lumix GH3 Digital Camera
      • HD Video (1080/60p H.264 Format
      • Dual OLED displays in viewfinder and touchscreen


    Take a look at these other videos shot in our Great Hall to see the space you might be recording in!