Abbey Booking Requests: – Abbey Arts Presents, Seattle (Fremont Abbey Arts Center)

    Upper Fremont at 43rd
    On the #5 bus line and short walk to E line

    4272 Fremont Ave North
    Seattle, WA 98103

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    This information may help you for other venues as well.   Please use this page for Fremont Abbey, Ballard Homestead, The Auditorium @ UHeights, The Round, Open Space, and our St Mark’s Cathedral shows.


    (Note: We don’t recommend using any Booking submission websites such as Reverbnation or Sonicbids as their systems are too slow and complicated to work with for most venues and agents so the emails get filtered out.)


    After you’ve done the venue research,
    here’s how to send in an awesome booking request for best results:

    Start with a simple email

    (and a little clever humor intro or something brief about your story helps too):


    Sample Subject Line:  “BOOKING: Band Name – Date(s) – venue”

    • Short intro paragraph
      2 or 3 sentences max works best.  Make it personal and connect to the venue itself in some way.  Ideally you’re familiar with the vibe of the venue and also have looked at their calendar recently.
    • Next, the details.

    For the details, be sure to include the following in your email in Bullet Point format like this:

    1. DATES that would make sense for your tour or local performance (of course spacing out at least a month if local so as to not compete with other public shows)
    2. SHOW HISTORY & DRAW in Seattle including specifics about past 2-3 venues
      – with # of tickets sold at what ticket price. Please don’t exaggerate or use vague non specific terms though, most venues can tell when information is vague on purpose.
      – stating what bands you’ve opened for can be helpful here too if they are known
    3. LINEUP IDEAS with bands you know (who have draw) who could share a concert with you
    4. MUSIC – Bandcamp link (or similar), one music file attachment is ok if needed (10mb or less)
    5. VIDEO – top 2 that really represent your style of performance and best songs. Professional audio is important so don’t just pick some random live show and post it. We prefer 1 live show video and 1 music video in HD with good audio. Even a good iphone shot can work with the right lighting.
      – Facebook page (with # of Likes) / Twitter or Instagram link (with # of Followers)
      – Include Youtube or Spotify if you have significant views/listens, etc.
      – Recent press or popular blog links may help
    7. WEBSITE if you have one – make sure your site has full music preview, shows listing, and press quotes available. We also recommend an easy way for fans to see videos, hear music  (full songs), connect with your FB page, see your tour dates, etc.


    Got that all ready?

    Email us right here: booking(at)


    Changing that to normal email format of course (websites list emails this way to cut back on spam).

    And remember, while we’d love to reply to everyone we usually don’t have time. We do try to listen to all submissions.


    Follow up?

    Sure, feel free to followup by replying to the same email once after a week or two.  A third followup usually only is helpful if you have something to change in the offer, like maybe a co-bill with another band that has a strong draw or a touring act coming through with a specific date you can share.

    We hope this information is helpful for you in your music/arts career!

    Our goal is to support local PNW artists as they grow & develop, so we can’t reply to everyone or we’d never have time to book or produce the shows!

    ~Abbey Arts Team


    For emails regarding opener / support slots
    on existing lineups, especially with national acts we recommend PNW artists
    submit a basic proposal we can forward on to the agent.

    • Artist name, link to site, a few recent shows/venues
    • A little about why you want to open for the headliner, what’s your connection to their music
    • How will your set flow in the night and fit the vibe of the show (note: avg opener sets are 20-30 min)
    • Your Estimated draw
    • Top video that will represent the vibe of your live set for this show
    • New music if representative should be in a link to an online player, not an attached file

    *Note: If you'd like to setup your own show here in more of a rental style that may be possible but is pretty rare. We recommend considering Tuesday or Thursday nights for smaller shows, Fridays for big shows depending on your budget. See our Rentals page for more on that. 
    **The Round is a different style event, so please make sure you're familiar with the collaborative concept before requesting to play (ie. attending a show if possible).  Also note that we generally book out a few months and curate a group of artists who will fit together onstage so it's fairly rare that we can book someone from an email request.