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     SISTERS (Web)

    SEATTLE, WA: After the Round 132 on 5/10 at Ballard Homestead, I caught up with the orchestra of two from Seattle, SISTERS to discuss creative expression, and their thoughts on guiding the next generation of up and coming artists. (Interview by Stephon Dorsey. Published 6/23/16)


    Stephon Dorsey (SD): What impact do you hope your artistry will have on the younger generation of up and coming artists?

    Andrew Vait (AV): I would like to see artists take more responsibility for their business practices. It seems that our generation was fed the idea that we don’t have any control over the trajectory of the music business. I think we are learning fairly quickly though that we have all of the power and control that we need to create a sustainable business for ourselves. However, we have to teach ourselves what that means and realize that it’s different for every artist. Because it’s different, it’s nearly impossible to disseminate that information in an effective way. So I guess that’s one thing I would like to see for future artists do — in an empowering way, because art is empowering itself, but it’s not enough to pay the bills unfortunately, nor has it probably ever been.

    Emily Westman (EW): …unless you’re able to somehow put your finger on the intersection of art — your own art, and “mass pop” somehow. That does exist from time to time if you can figure that puzzle out.

    AV: But that’s like winning the lottery.

    EW: Yeah, you shouldn’t have to be struck by lightning.

    [Video: SISTERS perform unreleased content from their new album at the Round 133 at Ballard Homestead]


    SD: Yeah, that’s so true. How do you guys feel your music contributes to the landscape of creative expression?

    “…we’re honing in on the art of our lifetimes and that’s exciting.”

    AV: Well, I think in a vacuum, I would like to say individually, but certainly collectively, we’re honing in on the art of our lifetimes and that’s exciting. It’s an exciting thing to share and it’s an exciting thing for me personally. Hopefully the joy that we are experiencing from creating our art now in the present moment is having a direct impact on other artists who are maybe finding their path — who are maybe almost there and need that extra kind of boost of encouragement that you can really enjoy yourself and your art creation.

    SD: If you guys could describe your experience after performing here at the Ballard Homestead how would you describe it?

    EW: It was like what you’re about to do tomorrow, where you’re about to jump into a warm hot springs, and you’re just actually in nature, but it’s like the temperature of a hot tub, and nature did that and it’s so warm.


    AV: It’s so cool that you said that, because there would be moments tonight when Porter would hit a groove with the track, or Jenn would say something totally outrageous and I would feel totally warm. I felt that exact thing that you’re describing. It was little bit euphoric. So that feeling is like winding down, but not in a cracky, ecstasy-feeling way, so that’s nice.


    EW: I think it it’s easier to feel those feelings when you’re not in a nightclub too. With people talking, and drunk, and trying to get to the bar. Instead it was about what was actually happening.

    SD: Thank you guys for your words.

    [Video: Amidst the monumental SCOTUS decision to set the stage for equality, SISTERS created a quirky invitation into a movement of love.]

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